Park Avenue Collision

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Park Avenue Collision offers you over 30 years of auto painting experience. We can rebuild or repair any domestic or foreign car, including trucks. You will always be assured of quality workmanship at very reasonable rates in rapid turnaround times.

Every repair is done the correct wayOur paint services and detailing can guarantee you a paint color match! Our experts use top quality paints and careful precision to give your car a long-lasting, durable finish. We are the top choice for an unmatched, superior paint job that will have your car looking brand new!

There’s a good reason why we are trusted with the West Orange’s auto market when it comes to applying a factory quality paint job for our customer’s vehicles. Our quality assurance process ensures that all professional auto body paint jobs leaving our shop are of the highest quality in the region.

Properly matching the exotic finishes found on today’s vehicles requires special expertise in application techniques. Our painters combine the latest techniques with the keen eye of an artist to create “never been damaged” quality finishes. They take every precaution to insure the final finish matches your original paint in both appearance and quality…to protect and preserve the value of your vehicle.Our painting expertise allows us to deliver only the highest quality paintwork.

CALL US TODAY! (973) 669-0645

Our state-of-the-art paint booth and mixing room ensures that our technicians properly mix and apply corrosion protection, primers, base and clear coats that provide a long lasting, brilliant finish to your vehicle. Thus, our work carries a limited lifetime guarantee that covers the slim chance of defects such as paint peeling or bubbling that may arise in the future.